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Communication and Language

Communication and Language


Communication and language development provides the children opportunities to speak and listen in a range of situations, and to develop their confidence and skills in expressing themselves. Communication and Language is broken down into three aspects:


Listening and attention – children tuning in to what they can hear and listening carefully. This is how children learn to distinguish between different sounds as a build up to learning how to read and write.


Speaking – how children use words to express their needs, ideas and feelings and as a way of sharing what they are thinking with other people. Children need lots of opportunities to talk before they will be ready to communicate through writing.


Understanding – how children make sense of spoken language, starting with simple short sentences and building up to more complex questions and sentences.


By focusing on listening and attention, and separating receptive language (understanding) from expressive language (speaking), teachers can gain a better understanding of how language develops, how to support the process, and how to identify children who could be at risk from language delay.