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Pupil Premium Funding

We are asking all parents to complete the attached form to enable us to claim additional funding from the government called The Pupil Premium. Any qualifying family that registers their eligibility will help raise Pupil Premium money for the school. For 2015-16, the additional funding is £1320 for each registered child! This is money the school can benefit from and use to provide additional teaching staff and new equipment.


The newly introduced Early Years Pupil Premium provides an extra 53 pence per hour for three and four year old children whose parents are in receipt of certain benefits  This means an extra £302 a year for each nursery aged child taking up the full 570 hours funded entitlement to early education. This additional money could make a significant difference to us and to your child. We can use the extra funding in any way we choose to improve the quality of the early years education that we provide for your child. It is well documented that high quality early education can influence how well a child does at both primary and secondary school so we do want to make the most of this additional funding.