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Together We Climb to Succeed

Pepper Hill and Stanton Federation

Pepper Hill and Stanton Schools federated on 1st May 2014.  This was seen as a positive and supportive way of moving forward and raising standards across both schools as well as an opportunity to offer children a wider range of opportunities.


We now have what most parents want for their children - a seamless early years and primary education under one leadership team and one governing body. Each school will retain its own identity and budgets, admissions and Ofsted inspections but being as one will ensure:-


  • an excellent curriculum across both schools that is planned with clear progression and continuity

  • opportunities for the children to work together in projects in each other's schools, to learn and play from older and younger children. 

  • better transition for the pupils from Year 2 to Year 3, as staff work in each other's schools to build familiarity with names and faces as they move on. 

  • improved quality of our teaching by having joint training to ensure we have consistent teaching styles. 

  • shared values so our pupils receive the same inspirational messages about respect and responsibility.