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Physical Development

Physical Development


Physical Development is how young children gain control of their bodies. It also includes how children learn about keeping themselves active and looks at how children learn to use equipment and materials successfully and safely.


What Physical Development means for children


  • Children learn by being active and Physical Development takes place across all areas of Learning and Development.

  • Physical Development helps children gain confidence in what they can do.

  • Physical Development enables children to feel the positive benefits of being healthy and active.

  • Physical Development helps children to develop a positive sense of well-being.

  • Good health in the early years helps to safeguard health and well-being throughout life. It is important that children develop healthy habits when they first learn about food and activity. Growing with appropriate weight gain in the first years of life helps to guard against obesity in later life.


Physical Development is broken down into two aspects:


  • Moving and Handling

  • Health and Self-Care


At Pepper Hill School we make sure that we provide equipment and resources that are sufficient, challenging and interesting and that can be used in a variety of ways, or to support specific skills. We also make sure that the children work both on their fine motor skills and gross motor skills daily.